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Btvs Ats Lyric Challenge
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Saturday, November 12th, 2005
12:17 am
Waiting for the Sun

I took a brief Nano break to finish cleaning up another of my charity fics. this one is for a2zmom  who requested I do the next story in my Fifth Sun series. And since story #1, Gog and Magog Unchained, in that series was done for a lyric challenge, it seemed appropriate to do story #2 for the second btvsats_lyric  community challenge. Thanks for evil_little_dog  and myfeetshowit  for all the betaing (I know I didn't have time to work out all the suggestions but I hope it looks good any how)

The Fifth Sun series starts immediately post NFA. No help arrived in time for Our Heros. #1 featured Angel thinking only Spike and Illyria have survived and a demon hoarde spilling out into the land. Angel withdraws from the fight going back inside himself much like he was when Whistler found him.

Story #2 Waiting for the Sun takes place weeks later following Spike as he tries to put back the pieces of his life in a frightened post-invasion world. Hope you Enjoy

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