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Btvs Ats Lyric Challenge

Once More With Feeling

Btvs/Ats Lyric Challenge
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This is a lyric challenge community for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. It is based on the Buffyverse Lyric Wheel

Basically ever so often (not more than once every couple of months) a challenge will go out via this community. Sometimes there will be a theme sometimes it will be completely open. You comment and let me know if you want to participate in the challenge. Participation is always optional. Make sure you leave me this information:


I'll get together the list and send you the name and email of a participant. You'll send them lyrics to a song. You'll get lyrics to a song from someone else. You write a song using those lyrics in the story. This is not song fic. For an example of what exactly this is you can see a story I did for the Buffyverse lyric wheel here

Any other questions, comments, suggestions feel free to email me kristi@allengames.com

Also PIMP! I'll love you forever.

The beautiful layout is courtsey of btvsats_layouts